ShineUP Presents: Kelly’s Makeover Story- Room to Heal

We’ve all heard it before… “there’s no place like home,” but never before has it held such meaning since we met these two beauties.  When we first heard of Kelly and her 12 year old daughter Kendall, they were in the hospital. In fact, they were in the intensive care unit at Children’s Hospital. Kendall’s health was failing and she needed several surgeries to correct problems with her heart and lungs. As a way to stay positive, they would talk of going home. Yet, they needed to create a new room for Kendall so that she could be close to mom and dad. That’s where our ShineUP makeover crew jumped in to help! Watch the full episode of Kelly’s ShineUP makeover story here. Now, to the design details



White. Oh yes we did. We used it…in a kiddo’s bedroom…everywhere! First things first: do not be afraid of whites with children in mind!!! Buy washable, durable fabric and paint with a sheen that can easily be washed. And away you go!

Kendall’s mom requested a beautiful space for her daughter, but also one that would transition well to a guest bedroom once her health was more stable and she could return to her original bedroom downstairs. The use of a white palette packed with punches of color through decor will make that transition an absolute cinch! We also selected a colorful rug by Dash and Albert that is indoor/outdoor and requires none other than a hose to clean it. That is thoughtful durability with a built in pretty factor for a child’s bedroom.

Since Kendall is going to be spending lots of time in her room as she heals, Kelly requested a television in the room. Since televisions aren’t always the most attractive accessory, we framed this one in faux barnwood from Home Depot.

To give the room some sparkle, we added twinkle lights and gold accessories. For our biggest surprise, we added a swinging chair! Kendall had always dreamed of having a swing in her room. Judging by this smile, we think it was a success.

A neighbor of Kelly’s sewed us these sweet pendant flags. In an effort to think outside the box, we decided to hang them in an antique frame and swag them over the curtain rod. It created a whimsical touch.

We used intentional neutrals with deliberately placed punches of color for what turned out to be one of our favorite interior design overhauls yet! Kelly and Kendall, you’ve captured our hearts. We’re honored to give you the design of your dreams along with a beautiful room to heal and of course…SHINE.


The ShineUP Crew