Seasonal Shift

Fall is upon us! If ever the weather was an indicator of what life is really like, it’d be now!  Fall has ushered itself right in with pumpkin everything, just as expected.  What we love most about the change in season, is that it serves as a reminder that change is constant, and the more we can adapt to the ebbs and flows of life, the better. In fact, the entire process is beautiful, just like the splendor of fall.

A few ways we’ve have come to love fall and accept its sneaky pipeline to winter is through home décor!  We absolutely love to take the slight chill in the air and bring in some foliage to reflect what’s happening outside. Here’s a little peek into what’s going on at Jessie’s house.


A few keenly placed, simple items will do the trick.  Here, a simple vine is all that’s needed to make a big impact. Add in a few pillows, a cozy throw and perhaps a pumpkin or two, and you’re set. 

Some people decorate their space and never change a thing.  If you’re in that camp, don’t worry, YOU BE YOU!  But it you’re like like us, and have learned to embrace seasonal shifts, changing a few key things will give you that mental note that, “Change has come and everything has it’s season”.  That is SO the ever flowing motion of life in in all possible categories.  Seasonal décor is not frivolous if you consider it a joy nugget for the soul!  Just go on and love those throw pillows you’ve stashed until it’s time to change again.  Keep your accents simple to ward off feeling overwhelmed and to take in the beauty of change and welcome whatever comes next.