Pursuing Your Purpose

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Spring has arrived and there is a definite shift in the atmosphere! Do you feel it? We do too! After a very looooong winter, new life is starting to flourish and we couldn’t be happier to welcome a new sense of hope for dormant things to spring to life. It’s amazing how much our lives imitate nature.

Recently, we had a great excuse to break out of the sweats we’ve been wearing all winter, get all dressed up, and head to a beautiful event held by the National Charity League: an amazing organization that supports mothers and daughters who are serving their communities through volunteering together. What a beautiful picture of how moms can change the world by passing on a legacy of demonstrating love. Love shows up, right?

As the featured speakers at that event, we were honored to have the chance to talk on one of our favorite topics: “Pursuing Purpose.” For years, we wrestled with our own sense of purpose. We were moms who had thrown ourselves into raising our kids and we loved it (well, most of it). But somewhere in the midst of changing diapers and making Target runs, we lost the ability to think beyond our daily tasks and dream about our calling. We were, as most mothers are, busy building up our children, helping them pursue and develop their gifts and talents; but not really pursuing our own. As Rebekah Lyons so eloquently asks in her book, Freefall to Fly, “Are we spending every moment cultivating the lives of everyone…but ourselves?” As moms, that question struck a chord in us. Soon after asking that question, she states, “The displacement of a mother’s purpose (beyond child rearing) becomes a huge loss to our communities.  If women aren’t empowered to cultivate their uniqueness, we all suffer the loss of beauty, creativity, and resourcefulness they were meant to inject into the world.”

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So, we asked ourselves: what are we doing here? What is the unique purpose we were made for? Same goes for you, what were YOU meant to inject into the world? What is your purpose, beyond child rearing or your day job? If you don’t know, that’s ok, but perhaps it’s worth digging into a bit. We started with simple questions like: what do we love to do? What did we enjoy doing as children? When do we feel the most alive? What makes us unique?

Sometimes, when we’re uncovering our purpose, we find that it’s been there all along—little glimpses are woven throughout the fabric of our lives. For the two of us: we are beauty builders. Storytellers. Encouragers. And that informs everything we do as we pursue the passion of helping moms discover their true beauty. It also sets us free from feeling shame over what we’re not, because comparison kills, and none of us has time for that.

So, if you’re in the midst of piles of dirty laundry, jelly-stained furniture and eating grilled cheese crust for lunch, we wanna tell you this: it’s okay to pay some attention to the things that stir your heart. Even if they’re not meant for right now, there will be a time for cultivating your purpose. Your family needs you, yes; but the world needs you, too! Your uniqueness, your gifts. However insignificant you might think they are – maybe you love to bake, maybe you love animals, maybe singing sets you on fire…there is great meaning behind the things you’re passionate about. Pay attention to those things, and don’t lose sight of them. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: you, dear one, were born to shine!


Amy and Jen