Krazy for Kimonos

Ladies, can we all admit that sometimes, getting dressed for a night out can be a bit overwhelming? Often, the thought of deciding on an outfit is enough reason to just stay home. As we ponder our closets, we search desperately for an option that makes us feel confident, current, cute, and most of all, comfortable. Tall order? Yes. Impossible? No. We believe the best solution to the “getting dressed to go out” problem is a killer kimono.

We are soooo glad that kimonos have been everywhere this season. From florals to stripes, we love them all. They are universally flattering and throwing one on is an easy way to add elegance. However, there ARE a couple of guidelines we like to follow in order to make styling these a cinch.

Number one, pair them with something sleek!  Whether it’s skinny jeans like these Krista skinny ankle jeans from Hudson, or a great pair of cut off denim shorts (the look we’re currently obsessed with), make sure you are balancing out your proportions with big on top, smaller underneath. For petite women this is especially important, as the extra fabric could easily overwhelm your frame. (Petite woman should also consider sleeve length with kimonos. A shorter sleeve that shows some arm is best.)

Kimono | Jeans | Top | Necklace

Next thing to consider: showing some skin! That’s right, kimonos are best worn with a little décolletage. Exposing this area can make all the difference in balancing out the wide sleeves and bold patterns. We think this v-neck cami from Gentle Fawn is perfection.

Last but not least, get yourself a great, long necklace. It really helps to elongate your frame. This one by Tess and Tricia is one of our faves! So much to love: the antler tip, the muted color, the beads. It’s a winner and worth the investment. (Plus the company has a beautiful mission.)

Don’t have a kimono yet? Not to worry. Here’s a look at some of our other favorites:


One last note: although kimonos are great for summer, they’re going to be hot for fall as well. Think knit fabrics, velour and even quilting. The trend is here to stay, ladies (lucky for us), so style away and don’t be afraid to get your kimono on!

With Love,

The ShineUP Crew