Reclaimed Wood Family Photo Wall

Design gestures come in all sizes and at all price points. Some choices we make are imitation, and some are original from the trails in our own idea path. Today, I share with you my absolute, favorite idea for creating a stunning family photo wall.

Here’s how you can recreate this in your own home.

Head to your big box store and grab a handful of 2 x4 wood strips. You’ll use these in between the feature wood and the drywall to create a “floating” effect. Install the 2 x4’s on the studs just shy of the height of your feature wall to ensure they’re hidden.

Next, decide on the pattern you want for your feature wood (we used weathered cedar at Nicole’s), and begin installing, utilizing the 2×4’s as your anchor for each piece.

Once you install the barn wood, it makes a massive, eye-catching frame for what will become the focal point for your family photo display. You can go high end or thrifty in order to create this reclaimed wood feature feel. There are many places in your surrounding area that offer reclaimed wood in just the right color and style you’re after. We love www.rusticrevivalbarnwood. Or, you can have wood decking cut in varying lengths to add to that “found” or reclaimed look.

Once your wood feature wall is established, arrange your photos and anything else your heart desires in a way that speaks to you. What was once a typical space will swiftly become a unique, warm WOW factor for yourself and guests alike.

On a personal note, here’s what I created in my own family room on a large wall that swallowed whole anything I tried to hang:

Bottom line, don’t be afraid to go big when it comes to making a statement with the greatest treasure in your home–your family!