It’s amazing how our heart’s desires are hard-wired into us from childhood. As a young girl, while my friends were talking about being doctors or teachers, my dreams were simple: I wanted to be a mom, and I wanted to help people.

My desire for motherhood was undoubtedly fostered from the incredible example I had from my mom. She was all kinds of amazing, and my childhood was truly golden. My memories are filled with lots of laughter, my mom standing over the coil-topped range making grilled cheese, reading endless stacks of books with me. They say, “nobody’s perfect,” but to me, she was. Mostly, she knew how to love us really, really well. She was patient. She listened. She took the time to hear our hearts. In my mind, there was no greater mission than to live and love the way she did.

The bent towards helping people was probably first ignited when I watched the “We are the World” music video performed on MTV. Remember that? Seeing all of those artists, using their natural talents for the greater good–it was incredibly inspiring to me. I began to wonder: what talents did I have to offer the world? How could I help people? As a natural encourager, I was always interested in making people feel better, and now I saw that I could actually DO something…but what?

The details were fuzzy, but my mission was crystal clear: go to college, get married, have kids, and help people. I’d figure it out as I went along.

Many years later, I woke up to a life of carpools, school projects, and choir concerts. I was fulfilling my dream of motherhood and had four children in our very busy nest. Our kids were all finally in school, and while I loved my role as wife and mother, there was a growing restlessness inside of me. I was living my dream life, and yet–something was missing. I began revisiting my dreams of helping people, and realized that my experience in parenting four children had equipped me for exactly what I was being called to do: help moms.

Motherhood can be exhausting, thankless, and demanding, leaving little to no time for a mom to breathe. While your heart is in love with your small people, your self can get sort of lost. Who you are, and who you’re meant to be, can get buried under mountains of laundry and dishes. We want to change that.

As we launch ShineUP into the world, I can truly say that this company has been written into the fabric of my heart for most of my life. For me, ShineUP is about more than just beautiful design–it’s about finding the gold in every mom, to inspire her to live a life that truly shines.



ShineUP Co-founder

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